House-Museum "Penyo Penev" in Dimitrovgrad is an act of gratitude love and appreciation for one of the most dramatic and provocative personalities in Bulgarian poetry of the 50s of the twentieth century - Penyo Penev. The museum keeps the memory of him, tells his story, and popularizes his verses.  
In 1964 to the "Museum of socialist construction" in Dimitrovgrad is opened an exhibition "Penyo Penev" which grew into a permanent exhibition. Since 1970 it is moved on No.9, “D.Blagoev” blvd., in the house where the poet lived. In 1980 the exhibition was renamed to e House-Museum "Penyo Penev" – Dimitrovgrad.
House-Museum keeps in its fund above 1200 museum units. Among the most interesting museum exhibits are manuscripts of his works and notepads with notes, letters, personal belongings, and a portrait of Penyo Penev drawn by his son - the artist Vladimir Penev. The museum has an audiovisual system that allows you to hear the original recording performances of Penyo Penev of his own works. Available to visitors are films dedicated to the life and work of the poet.

The museum organizes exhibitions, competitions, literary meetings, pilgrimages, discussions, conferences, performances, celebrations of anniversaries and more.
House-museum "P.Penev" is a co-organizer of the Dimitrovgrad Days of Poetry "Penyo Penev", which are held every two years at the beginning of May, when is the birthday of Penyo Penev – 7th of May. Within the poetic festivals, for high artistic achievements in the poetry is awarded the National Literature Prize "Penyo Penev”.

Tuesday – Saturday  9.30 – 18.00

Dimitrovgrad 6400
No.9, "Dimitar Blagoev" blvd.
Telephone: 0391/6-09-86
Е-mail: [email protected]