Dimitrovgrad has always had ambitions to be among the first. In the early 2014 the city became part of the 27th Cultural Route to the Council of Europe, and tourism is among the strategic priorities that we develop. The city has the unique resources of geography, infrastructure, and mostly people. With its location and cultural heritage the municipality has a huge potential and opportunities. On its territory pass major transport corridors linking Europe with Asia and the international traffic on the road north-south axis.This favors the development of business and creates a unique environment for investment.

The cultural image of the city is developed, as by the beauty of the specific architectural ensembles, as well as by the fascinating atmosphere of well-preserved archaeological sites. Inextricably linked to the European history, Dimitrovgrad also today is a center for international and national forums.

We appreciate the past of our city, we are proud of its present, and we are successfully building its future!

Welcome to Dimitrovgrad!

   Mayor Report

"Road Safety" was the Topic of an Educational Talk Organized by the Municipality


"Road Safety" was the topic of an educational talk, which gathered second-graders of Aleko Konstantinov Primary School – Dimitrovgrad. The initiative has been launched by Dimitrovgrad Municipality as part of the prevention of the health and life of adolescents. In an understandable language for the small, the BNR journalist Emilia…



On the basis of Decision No 580/30.03.2017 of Municipal Council - Dimitrovgrad And in connection to Protocol No 2 of the Committee for Choosing a Text for Anthem of Dimitrovgrad, established by Decision 396/29.09.2016,   DIMITROVGRAD MUNICIPALITY   Admits the text of Ana Topalova to participate in the competition for…

The Mayor Ivo Dimov Opened a New Playground Today

The Mayor Ivo Dimov Opened a New Playground Today


The Mayor Ivo Dimov opened a new playground today. The new asset was built in the area of Sofronii Vrachanski street as a mutual initiative of Dimitrovgrad Municipality and the organization for separate collection of package waste “Ecopack Bulgaria” that takes care of the color containers in the town.  The…

101 Newborns Received Their Own Trees Today on the Eve of Palm Sunday

101 Newborns Received Their Own Trees Today on the Eve of Palm Sunday


101 newborns received their own trees today on the eve of Palm Sunday. 58 from the ones who requested to plant a "Red Oak" sapling took advantage of the available for the first year opportunity from the municipality to plant them at a different place, so as parents of the…


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обявление №206


ОБЯВЛЕНИЕ  № 206 / 31.03.2015г.     КОНСТАТИВЕН  ПРОТОКОЛ                           Днес 31.01.2015 год. в Димитровград се състави настоящия Констативен протокол  по обявена с  писмо регистр. индекс УТКР-30-687#1/26.02.2015г. процедура за одобряване на проект за ПУП – План за застрояване на УПИ І и УПИ Х в кв.1 по плана на…

обявление №197


О Б Я В Л Е Н И Е №  197 / 27.03.2015год.                                                                       К О Н…

заповед РД-06-559


З А П О В Е Д         № РД-06-559......... Димитровград .25.03.2015г.        В Община Димитровград e постъпилo заявление рег.инд.№УТКР-29-916/17.03.2015г. от Хашар Велиев Смаилов,собственик по нот.акт №34/1996г. на  урегулиран поземлен имот  УПИ ХV-841,842  в кв.81 по плана на с.Ябълково, одобрен със заповед №269/1966г. , с…



З А П О В Е Д            № РД-06 -532......... Димитровград .24.03.2015г.   В Община Димитровград e постъпилo заявление рег.инд.№УТКР-29-914/17.03.2015г. от Марчо Жеков Жеков,съсобственик  по нот.акт №74/2009г. на поземлен имот № 503005,местност „Жека кория” по КВС за землище с.Светлина, с искане за  допущане изработване на…


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