Childrens’ Commission

For contacts:
Commission Secretary
address: Dimitrovgrad
15, G.S.Rakovski Blv.
Tel.: +359 391/68 315


According to art.20, par.1 of the Children Protection Law, in Dimitrovgrad Municipality a Childrens’ Commission was established with consultation and coordination functions. Members of the commission are representatives of Municipal administration, Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Regional Inspectorate of Education, Regional Health Inspection, "Social support" Directorate, Local Commission for Combating Juvenile Delinquency, "Children and youth center" Municipal entity and of the Municipal School parliamentary.

The commission is the uniting and coordinating unit for the policies of all children in the territory of the municipality and forms and ensures the accomplishment of the local policy for childrens’ protection

Chairman of the Commission is Mr. Ivo Dimov, Mayor the municipality.