Chief architect of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad

arch. Tomi Tomov

Chief architect:

room No. 75

No. 15, “G.S.Rakovski” blvd.

Telephone: 0391/ 68 257
E-mail: [email protected]

Education and career:

  • „Architecture“ 

  • Since 1982 professionally realized in the field of design, construction and administration


The municipality mayor appoints a chief architect who:

  • Organizes the preparation and conduct of a Municipal Expert Council, as he manages it and monitors the implementation of the decisions taken, pursuant to art. 6 of the Spatial Development Act (SDA).

  • Participates in the preparation of draft regulations for normative acts and memorandums for decisions of the Municipal Council.

  • Participates in the development of programs and strategies for regional development of the municipality.

  • Reports monthly in writing his activities to the Mayor.

  • Coordinates the actions in the performance of assigned tasks with other departments in the municipal administration.

  • Prepares opinions and certificates in relation to inquiries and requests of citizens, companies and enterprises.

  • Approves designs under art. 56 of the SDA and issues permits.

  • Issues a visa for research and design.

  • Approves technical and working projects.

  • Issues building permits and acts for the legalization of all types of construction.

  • Prepares assignments and instructions for the preparation and changing of the Detailed Development Plan (DDP) - the Plan for Regulation and Construction (PRC).

  • Prepares motivated permits for admission of a complex project for investment initiative under art. 150 of the SDA.

  • Participates in the State Acceptance Commission, pursuant to order Directorate for National Construction Control (DNCC) and Regional Directorate for National Construction Control (RDNCC) on the ground of art. 168 of the SDA.

  • Performs all activities related to his powers under the SDA.