Administrative Service Center

Municipality of Dimitrovgrad 
Address: No. 15, "Rakovski” blvd. 
Ground floor
Working hours - from 08:30 to 17:00 (continuously)
Email: [email protected], [email protected]  



  • Accepts the correspondence of the municipality and performs inquiries of citizens and companies for the movement of the case files;

  • Records citizens for the Reception day of the Mayor of municipality Dimitrovgrad.

Contact telephone:  68 214


Desk No. 2 and 3 Directorate “Civil Registration and Administrative Services” 

  • the citizens can request and receive documents related to their own civil status (birth certificates, marriage certificates, transcripts of acts of death, certificates of inheritance, etc.);

  • the citizens can state their permanent and current address, can receive a certificate of marital status, certificate of identity of names, certificate of family relations;

Contact telephone:  68 215, 68 216

Desk No. 4 Directorate „Municipal property, business, security and defense and mobilization training”

  • provides information to the citizens and businesses about: the sites to be leased or sold; the procedures for conducting of tenders;

  • accepts documents for permission for taxi transportation, permission for use of municipal land for construction site, permission to place advertising information boards and others.

Contact telephone:  68 217 


Desk No. 5   Directorate "Spatial Planning, Cadastre and Regulation, Investment Activities, Environment and Water" 

  • accepts applications for a certificate of tolerance; certificate of degree of completion of construction; certificate of legality of the building and others.

  • accepts applications for a building permit; for authorization for placing movable objects; for approval of architectural projects, etc.

  • accepts applications for issuance of a sketch/design for a real estate property to serve in front of a notary; a sketch of a real estate for design; certificate to supplement the existing cadastral plan; an excerpt of a digital model of cadastral and regulation plan, etc.

  • accepts applications for a permit for disposal of industrial waste and a permit for disposal of construction waste and earth masses, applications for establishment of a right of passage in a foreign landed property for the issuance of construction permits for lines/ducts of engineering infrastructure, etc.

Contact telephone:  68 218


DESK No. 7 and 8 PAY-DESK

Contact telephone:  68 221, 68 223