Secondary Comprehensive School "Vasil Levski" - city of Dimitrovgrad educates children from grades 1 to12 and offers specialized training in art and music.
Secondary Comprehensive School "Vasil Levski" is a secondary school. It is the only school in Haskovo District which is teaching students in music and art, with the admissions after VIII grade.

In 20 years the Secondary Comprehensive School "Vasil Levski" affirms a vision of a leading educational institution in Dimitrovgrad and the region in the field of art.
The specialized subjects that children are taught are music, foreign language, literature, Bulgarian language and information technology.
In the Music profile are studied the specialties: folk and pop singing, brass (wind), stringed, clavier, percussion and folk instruments. The folk instruments are bagpipe, tamboura and rebeck, the brass (wind) are flute and clarinet, the string one is a guitar and the clavier ones are accordion and piano.




Director Anton Ivanov

City of Dimitrovgrad, No.1, “Buzludzha” str.; 

tel./fax:0391/6 61 03; 

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