The High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences "Ivan Vazov" is the oldest secondary school in the city, it is a leader in the educational space of the city, teaches and educates ambitious and talented students of Dimitrovgrad, who express themselves in the exact and natural sciences. 

The school is named after Ivan Vazov (27/06/1850 - 22/09/1921) - the most popular Bulgarian writer and poet whose works still are enjoying the hereditary readers delight. The High school has given to Bulgaria two academics – Ph.D. of historical sciences Vasil Gyuzelev and Ph.D. of chemical sciences Vasil Sgurev.

Since 1992 in The High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences "Ivan Vazov"was introduced a teaching in profile "national science" with intensive study of English, German and French languages with reception of students after they have completed VII Grade with main subjects mathematics, informatics, information technology and biology, and since 2006 with admission by documents are taught also students in lower secondary level after IV grade.

The school has a corresponding to the modern requirements material facility, which includes – 

  • Seven computer halls - 24 hour access to the Internet, local network, WindowsXP, MS Office XP, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Corel Draw, Front Page, Dreamweaver;

  • separate rooms for mathematics and laboratories in biology, chemistry and physics;

  • multimedia;

  • unique library collection of over 1,500 volumes of contemporary British, American and German books, encyclopedias, textbooks, fiction, periodicals and audio-visual materials;

  • a large gymnasium with fitness room and outdoor sports grounds for volleyball, basketball and football.

Director  Iliyana Slavova
Address: Dimitrovgrad 6400, No.1 "Kliment Ohridski" str.
Telephone: 0391/6-63-54
Fax: 0391/6-63-54
e-mail: pmg@escom.bg


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