In the statistics of schools in the Principality of Bulgaria for 1896/97, on p. 342 is indicated that in village Almalii (Yabalkovo) there is a school since 1839. In 1848 was built the first school building, which was housed in the churchyard. After the Liberation - 1879 was built a new school outside the churchyard, which was destroyed after the earthquake in 1928. On the same place was restored a building of primary classes, which today houses a kindergarten. 

In 1926 village of Yabalkovo already has a junior high school, later in the school year 1962/63 are merged two schools in one - elementary school "Vasil Levski", which in 1963 is moved in a two-storey building. Today, the teaching is conducted in eight classrooms and 7 rooms/cabinets - 2 rooms for IT, 1 for chemistry and biology, 1 for physics, 1 for fine arts, 1 medical office, 1 cooking room, 1 dining room, 1 library, 1 physical culture room, all renovated and bright with whiteboards. The school has a large yard with recreation areas, playgrounds for volleyball, basketball, football.

In 2012 in the school was implemented energy efficiency project, which contributed to reducing the energy costs, improving the microclimate in the classrooms, and educating students in the efficient use of energy. Through a won project called "ICT in schools" - terminal solutions, was furnished a new computer lab at the school - with 10 new terminal clients and a server. The two labs for IT are equipped with multimedia.

The students of the school regularly and actively participate in cultural and social life of the village. Extremely useful is the cooperation with the local community center as a result of which to the children and students are provided opportunities for extracurricular activities of interest, development of their creativity and stimulation of individual interests and achievements in many different fields.


Director – Tanya Hristova 

Address: village of Yabalkovo, No.24 “Vasil Levski” str.
Telephone: 039372266
e- mail: yabalkovoschool@abv.bg
website: http://ouvlevski.com/



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