On 20.10.1950 in residential district "Mlada Gvardya" is ringing the first bell of the opened in one residential block primary school. In 1955 it grew into an elementary school, and in 1975 on a general school celebration it is named of the Bulgarian poet and patriot Peyo Kracholov Yavorov. In 1963 began the construction of the new building, which was officially opened on 12.04.1965.

Currently in Elementary School "P.K.Yavorov" are trained nearly 300 students in 13 classes, of which eight are beginning level and 5 junior high school level. Teachers and students actively and with ambition participate in projects - learning, educational, integrative. The children and students have the opportunity to develop their talents according to their individual interests – they participate in many extracurricular learning, in extracurricular activities, including the useful cooperation with Community Center "Roma- 2004".

Teachers, students, and parents enjoy the businesslike and creative comfort in the energy efficient and renovated building, with modern and new equipment obtained through national programs and European projects. 


Address: residential district IZTOK, No.1 IZGREV str.
Telephone: 039126469
Е-mail: ou_javorov@abv.bg


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