The Elementary School "Hristo Smirnenski", village of Radievo is celebrating 132 years in 2014. Today the school is central for the children of seven neighboring villages and it educates nearly 170 children and students from preparatory to VIII grade from different ethnic groups. The achievements and successes of the teachers are measured not only with awards from national, regional and municipal contests, but also with not letting the students to drop out from the education system, by persuading their parents of the necessity their children to complete their education.

The attraction and retention of the students becomes possible with their inclusion in extracurricular activities related to sports, music and dance as well as providing opportunities to participate in contests and competitions also on a national level. In order the school of village Radievo to be an attractive place for young people from the small settlements, systematically and purposefully are put efforts to modernize the facilities, to implement innovative teaching methods, creative and intercultural forms of education.


Director Vanya Dimitrova

Address: 6427 Radievo, Municipality of Dimitrovgrad
Telephone: +359 (0)3923 266
Email: ouradievo@abv.bg


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