The Elementary School "Hristo Botev" village of Krepost has a rich 123 year history with which can be proud everyone who has touched its unique cultural and educational atmosphere. The school is unique temple of culture with the donated by artists, the brothers Panevi, paintings and the made by them murals on the facade. In a unique way their aesthetic value is combined with the patriotic suggestion that they have and leaves an educative influence over the students. 

From the school year 2009/2010 the Elementary School "Hristo Botev" is a central school which applies and develops the principles and priorities for improving the quality of secondary education through a full-day form of teaching and education.

Many are the students from the Elementary School "Hristo Botev" with significant achievements in various fields of science, art and sports, who give prestige of the school, and give significance to its existence as a good school.
The strategy for the development of the school is based on fundamental highlights of Bulgarian education: the formation of knowledgeable and active individuals as carriers of national and universal virtues, integration of students through rationalization of their free time, health education, and involvement in cultural and sports events. 

Director Rumyana Moneva

Address: "Deveti septemvri" str., 6410 Krepost, Municipality of Dimitrovgrad
Telephone: +359 (0)3924 266
Email: ouhbkrepost@abv.bg


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