The Elementary School "Dimitar Nedyalkov Matevski" – city of Merichleri, is a winner of the medal "Cyril and Methodius" – I degree, and it has 175 years of history. In the last five years it become a central school and is educating 140 students from the city of Merichleri, the villages Dlagnevo and Velikan. 

The students of the school are from different ethnic groups. The tolerance is leading in the relationship between them. They present decently the school during urban and municipal events, for which they receive deserved awards - cups, diplomas, medals. The School gave the start to successful realization of professors, doctors, engineers, and teachers. 

And today in the Elementary School "Dimitar N. Matevski" with professional and creative unity are working teachers, students and parents, as they continue decently to confirm the enduring educational traditions, and also to apply and develop methods and technologies in accordance with the modern requirements.


Director Stanislava Koleva

Address: No.5 "Penyu Hasardzhiev" str., 6430 Merichleri, Municipality of Dimitrovgrad
Telephone: +359 (0)3921 2266; +359 (0)3921 2469
E-mail: dmatevski@abv.bg


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