Elementary school "aleko konstantinov"

Elementary school “Aleko Konstantinov” is established in 1964 and is developing steadily and successfully, combining conclusively and uniquely the modern teaching and the continuity. Highly qualified teachers put into practice the modern methods of teaching and established pedagogical tradition in Bulgarian educational work. The dynamic time in which we live requires individuals with independent position, individuality, creative potential and proving yourself through continuous improvement and development.

Elementary school “Aleko Konstantinov” realizes its mission of an institution, forming attitudes in the spirit of European values and democratic development through universal virtues, stimulates the individuality and the team achieving of the objectives set. 

The entire staff of the school work for the accomplishment of the main purpose: school "Aleko Konstantinov" to be elite and attractive educational institution, providing access to education for all students, subject to compulsory training, and offering conditions for the integration of children with special educational needs; school, in which through modern quality teaching and education are build people with active citizenship position, permanent and applicable knowledge and skills - a guarantee for the successful realization of the trainees.
Director Dorina Zhelyazkova.

Address: City of Dimitrovgrad, No.12,"P. Evtimii” str.


Telephone: 0391/63 205;  0391/66 281;
Fax: 0391/63 205;  0391/66 281;
E-mail: aleko_dg@abv.bg
Web site: www.alekodg.com


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