Dr. Ivan Bogorov Foreign Language High School

By Order of the Ministry of Education and Science in 1993 is established Language School - Dimitrovgrad. This fact marks the beginning of one difficult road – the road of the discoverer associated with work by many people who have built what is today the "Dr. Ivan Bogorov" Foreign Language High School - a prestigious school with traditions and style. During these years the secondary school managed to show, to evolve, to establish itself, to prove itself, to compete and to beat competitors. Dominated entirely by progressive revival spirit of education, the school chose its patron to be the eminent Bulgarian Revival and erudite Dr. Ivan Bogorov. 

Today the Language School "Dr. Ivan Bogorov" has its own building on No.45, “Hristo Botev” blvd.. A pride of the school and the city are the constructed and equipped with the most modern technical and didactic materials Cabinet of Chemistry and Environmental protection, Biology and Health education, Physics and Astronomy, as well as separate rooms for Information Technology, German language, Philosophy, World and personality, Geography and Economics. The modern learning facilities and the excellent professional training of the teachers from the Language School are the foundations of quality enhanced teaching of students in profile "foreign language" - English and German languages as further are studied also Spanish, Italian and Russian languages.

From the academic year 2007/2008 the Language School "Dr. Ivan Bogorov" is a member of the Association of Cambridge Schools.

On 16.12.2009 the students of the Dr. Ivan Bogorov Foreign Language High School made their choice for school uniform, which entered into force on 01.03.2010.


Director of the school Krasimir Krastev
Dr. Ivan Bogorov Foreign Language High School


No.45, “Hristo Botev”blvd.
City of Dimitrovgrad
Telephone: 0391/ 2 55 25
Fax: 0391/ 2 55 25
e- mail: krasikrastev@abv.bg
website: www.eg-dg-bg.com


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