COMMANDMENT №RD-06-838/09.07.2020, Dimitrovgrad

COMMANDMENT  №RD-06-838/09.07.2020, Dimitrovgrad

Pursuant to Art.44, para.2 and Art.44, para.1, p. 8 of the Law on local self-government and local administration , Article 63 of the Health Act, in connection with the Decision of the Council of Ministers No 418/25.06.2020 for extension of the term of the extraordinary epidemic situation, announced by Decision of the Council of Ministers № 325/ 14.05.2020, Council of Ministers Decision № 378/12.06.2020 and Order № RD-01-393 of the Minister of Health,




1. The next anti-epidemic measures in the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, from 10 July to 15 July, 2020 to be introduced:

1.1. Presence classes in centers to support personal development and specialized service units of the system of pre-school and schooleducation to be suspended.

Institutions in the system of pre-school and school education organize assessment and support for personal development , as far as possible and remotely, in an electronic environment, using the means of information and communication technologies.

As an exception to the prohibition, the presence of children and students on the territory of institutions of the system of pre-school and school education is allowed for carrying out activities:

- for practical trainings and practical exams, as well as for the preparation of the 2020/2021 academic year, when it is impossible for these activities to be implemented remotely in an electronic environment and / or the actual presence is urgent;

- support for personal development under the Law for pre-school and school education, co figuratively instructions section 2 of this order.

In these cases, the director of the respective institution shall establish an organization for the strict observance of all anti-epidemic measures introduced by the orders of the Minister of Health or another competent body.

1.2.1. All collective and individual sports events of a training and competitive nature for all age groups, indoors and outdoors , are held without an audience.

1.2. 2 . On the territory of all open and closed sports sites, managed by the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, the anti-epidemic measures, approved by Order № RD-01-369/30.06.2020, of the Minister of Health and the current instructions of the Minister of Youth and Sports are strictly observed.

1.3. Congress-conference events, seminars, exhibitions, incl. events of the exhibition industry and other public events may be held when the seats are occupied up to 50% of their total capacity, observing a physical distance of 1.5 meters, in accordance with the instructions under item 2 of this order.

1.4.1. Culture and entertainment events (theaters, cinemas, concerts, drama events, classes of dance, creative and musical art) can be organized in occupancy to 50 % of their total capacity indoors and outdoors (incl. community centers, children's centers, cultural centers, youth centers, private facilities, military clubs, etc.), subject to the physical distance of 1,5 meters, according to the instructions point 2 of this order.

1.4.2. On the territory of all cultural institutions in the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad strictly observe the anti-epidemic measures, approved by Order № RD-01-369 /30.06.2020g. of the Minister of Health and the current orders and instructions of the Ministry of Culture .

1.5. Visits to discos, piano bar, night bar, and other similar nightclubs for indoor entertainment are not allowed. Visits to discos, piano bar, nightbars and other night clubs for outdoor recreation is allowed in occupancy to 50% of their capacity , subject to the physical distance of 1,5 meters, according to the instructions point 2 of this order.

1.6. Do not allow group celebrations with presence over 30 people in indoor and outdoor (including weddings, balls and other celebrations), shall be organized in accordance with the physical distance of 1,5 meters , according to the instructions in section 2 of this order.

1.7. Visits to specialized institutions for the provision of social services and those for social services of the same type for children and adults are prohibited .

2 . The activities that are not suspended or prohibited by this order shall be carried out in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures introduced by order № RD-01-369/30.062020 of the  Minister of Health.

3 . All manifestations and events, as well as the activities under item 1 (from p.1.1 to p.1.7) should be organized under the conditions of intensified preliminary and current control.

4 . For the implementation of anti-epidemic measures introduced in educational,  sport , cultural  and social institutions in the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad , there are approved rules and guidelines, according to its specifics, which are communicated to staff, participants in the events visitors. In these cases, the head of the respective institution shall establish an organization and exercise control over the strict observance of all anti-epidemic measures introduced by orders of the Minister of Health or another competent body .

5 The Mayor of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad  and all mayors of the small settlements and villages, to create an organization for monitoring the implementation of the measures ordered above.

6 . This order repeals Order № RD-06-807/01.07.2020 of the Mayor of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad and enters into force on 10.07.2020.

This order to be announced by publishing on the website of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad .

The term and scope of the measures under item 1 may be changed depending on the epidemic situation in the country.

A copy of the order to be served on the Director of Regional Department of MI, mayors of settlements in the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad , the Deputy mayor and the secretary for information and performance and  to  Director of RHI Haskovo and  the Governor of Haskovo district- for information.

I assign control over the execution of the order to Mr. Svetoslav Stoykov - Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad and Mrs. Veneta Koleva – the Secretary of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad.




Mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality



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