ORDER № RD-06-545

ORDER № RD-06-545


№ RD-06-545

Dimitrovgrad, 12.05.2020


Pursuant to Art. 44, para. 2 and Art. 44, para. 1, item 8 of LLSGA, in connection with art. 63, para 2 of the Health Act, Art. 2 of the Law on measures and actions during the state of emergency, declared by Decision of The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria from 13.03.2020 and Decision of the National Assembly by 03.04.2020 to extend the duration of the declared state of emergency, as well as in connection with Orders № RD-01-256 and RD-01-259 dated 11.05.2020. of the Minister of Health,




I amend my order № RD-06-316 / 13.03.2020, as follows:


1. Point 1.8 is repealed.

2. Access to museums, galleries, libraries is restricted.

2. New points from 1.5.1 to 1.5.6 are created  with the following content:


1.5.1. Visits to indoor museums, galleries and open-air galleries and libraries are allowed, at compliance with the requirement for social distance and all anti-epidemic measures, without the use of air conditioning systems;


1.5.2. It is allowed to hold cultural events - concerts and other stage events, on open stages, with an allowable occupancy of the seats up to 30% of the maximum capacity, keeping the requirement for social distance and all anti-epidemic measures;


1.5.3. Visits to cinemas are allowed, with permissible occupancy of seats up to 30% of the maximum capacity, keeping the requirement of social distance and all anti-epidemic measures, without the use of air conditioning systems;


1.5.4. All persons when they are indoors in cinemas, museums, galleries and libraries must have a face mask or other means covering the nose and mouth (including towel, scarf, etc.);


1.5.5. All persons who are in open public places (including parks, streets, buses stops) are obliged to comply with the requirement of social distance and all anti-epidemic measures, wearing a protective mask or other means covering the nose and mouth, when contact with other persons;


1.5.6. The following anti-epidemic measures are introduced in the museums, galleries and libraries on the territory of Dimitrovgrad municipality: It is allowed to place tables and chairs in the open summer reading room of the City Library "Penyo Penev", as they are located in a way that provides a distance of not less than 2.5 meters between them and no more than two persons on the table. The surfaces of tables, chairs and sitting seats to be cleaned and disinfected after each visitor. Do not allow consumption of drinks and food on site; Dispensers with disinfectant for use by the visitors should be placed in visible and accessible places in the institutions; the entrance of the institutions to conduct a filter to all visitors by measuring the body temperature. Do not allow persons with fever or acute infectious diseases; Do not allow the gathering of more than 2 people indoors and no more than 8 people in the open areas, observing a distance of at least 1.5 meters between the persons; The heads of the cited cultural institutes should comply with the visitor flows on entry and exit; Sanitary facilities for visitors to be cleaned and disinfected after each visit, and workplaces, common areas, waste containers, shop windows, premises, etc. to be cleaned and disinfected at least three times a day; Do not allow visitors to come into contact with surfaces of exhibits that are not subject to disinfection treatment; Indoors should be regularly ventilated for at least 15 hours

minutes; To provide the necessary conditions for observing the personal hygiene of the staff, the necessary personal protective equipment, to protect workers according to the specifics of the activity, not to allow employees with flu-like symptoms and those who do not use the personal protective equipment provided to them; The direct responsibility for the observance of the above-mentioned anti-epidemic measures is borne by the heads of the respective institution.


The duration and scope of the measures may vary depending on the epidemic situation in the country.


This order shall enter into force on 14 May 2020, having been made public by the publication of the website of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad.


A copy of the same to be handed over to the interested parties, to the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Deputy Mayors,

Secretary of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad for information and implementation and to the Director of RHI Haskovo and the Governor - for information.


I assign control over the execution of the order to Svetoslav Stoykov - Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad and Veneta Koleva - Secretary of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad.



Mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality

Last modified: 09:44:09, 13 July 2020

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