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Any person providing hotel services needs to make a profile and to keep a record for accommodated tourists at Unified Tourist Information System /UTIS/, developed by the Ministry of Tourism. The system is currently functioning and the persons working in the accommodation have the ability to register in a test environment -  The submitted data for the nights spent on the test environment do not differ from the real one and in no way engage hoteliers. Each hotelier is obliged to provide the relevant information as usual. After he/she has acquired the necessary knowledge, must use the real system -

The addresses of the real and test version, as well as video instruction, are posted on the website of the Ministry of Tourism and on the site of Dimitrovgrad Municipality– current section.

The deadline for registering people in a real environment is September 30, 2019. As of 01/10/2019 all hoteliers must submit information to UTIS in accordance with the requirements of Article 116(5) of the Tourism Act.

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