Three landmark projects for Dimitrovgrad received funding

Three landmark projects for Dimitrovgrad received funding

Today, the Mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality Ivo Dimov signed contracts for grants for the implementation of three landmark city projects - Maritsa Park, Himik Cultural Center and “Apostol Karamitev” Municipal Drama Theater. The funds for their implementation are based on projects based under the Operational Program "Regions in Growth" 2014-2020. under the influence of the Integrated Plan for Urban Reconstruction and Development. 

Project "Improvement and reconstruction of Maritza Park" is worth BGN 3 130 000.00, of which BGN 1 554 033.30 own contribution. The project proposal covers an area that is a natural continuation of the central pedestrian zone of the city and is a representative architectural ensemble. The object of intervention is an element of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe - ATRIUM.

In Maritsa Park, the existing alleys will be restored and repaired with the laying of dense asphalt concrete - 50,000.00 m2.and placed vibropressed pavers on the entrance space - 1,800.00 m2. Three new playgrounds for children from 3 to 18 years old will be built with combined children's complexes, swings, carousels, entertaining vertical panels, tunnels, basketball hoop, fitness equipment and others. A new interesting attraction will be the construction of an adventure corner and the expansion of the skateboard site. On the river bank there will be a beautiful rotunda, which is designed as a natural finish of the central axis of the alley network - a suitable place to relax after a long walk and creating conditions for conversation and enjoying the pleasant view of the river and the hilly shore. The alley network will be enriched with nearly 200 benches with backrests and new LED lighting.

Project "Basic Renovation of MDT “Apostol Karamitev” totaled BGN 2 454 455.00, of whichBGN 368 168.00  are own contribution. The project activities are for 30 months and provide for a complete overhaul of the theater hall and all functional systems, bringing them in line with all European norms and requirements for a modern theater.

The project "Restoration and repair of Himik Cultural Center", including adjacent areas, Dimitrovgrad" has a total value of BGN 3,719,102.00 with a term of 30 months. Co-financing for the project by the municipality is value BGN 557 865.00 of the total funding. A complete renovation and reconstruction of the site will be carried out to transform the building into a modern multifunctional hall for theater performances, concerts, conferences, performances of amateur dance and singing groups, film screenings and major renovation of all adjacent areas.

These three projects are in the frame of the Procedure for implementation of the Integrated Plan for Urban Reconstruction and Development, adopted and approved by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works in 2015 as a part of the adopted Investment Program of the municipality, which includes a list of objects of intervention, approved by the Managing Authority of OP ”Regions in Growth” in 2016.

The funds are targeted and are aimed at improving the cultural infrastructure of the municipality and the urban environment.  


Last modified: 15:52:37, 10 August 2020

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