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‘The municipality of Dimitrovgrad offers a wide range of social services for those in need’, the mayor Dimov announced at a press conference today. He emphasizes the large range of activities for all social groups, which Dimitrovgrad municipality carries out with its own funds or as activities delegated by the state. The press conference was attended by Mrs Diana Doncheva, Director of the Directorate "European and National Programs and Projects, Humanitarian Activities", Mrs Marieta Gospodinova, Accountant of Social Activities, Mrs Tanya Daneva, Project Manager "Care at Home" and Mrs Gergana Todorova, Manager of "Assistant Support".

"The care of the needy and the elderly is an important part of the policy of the municipality of Dimitrovgrad. The social services offered by the municipality make it one of the most developed in this sector in the country. The good example and successful practices are highly valued, for which Dimitrovgrad has been distinguished with various awards. For the last four years, our municipality has been the host and organizer of Days of Social Services, in which users and workers in the sector show what has been achieved in the various activities and the initiator of important legislative changes in the sector. The social services that function in the municipality of Dimitrovgrad and cover various groups of society are 19.

The highlight of the press conference was the home-based social services that can be used by the elderly and people with disabilities in the territory of the municipality: Personal assistant; Social assistant; "Care at home" project; Home social patronage and "Hot lunch" service.

"The municipality is developing several services with external funding. One of them is the project "Home Care", which is worth BGN 1 266 400.02, financed by the European Social Fund and the Human Resources Development Program. The capacity of the service is 237 persons who are not covered by other social services. These are elderly people who are unable to take care of themselves or are disabled, i.e. they have solutions from Medical committee. The ‘Care at Home’ project provides assistance in a home environment, including integrated health and social services for the elderly, people with disabilities and persons over 65 who cannot take care of themselves. Service workers provide them with food, medicine and other basic items. People from risk groups who do not leave their homes also receive support through the payment of household bills and through assistance with emergency administrative services. The other service is "Assistant Support", which covers 100 people who do not have a wired solution. At the moment, there are 145 users of "Personal Assistance" and 147 Personal Assistants. The support is provided to elderly people over working age, with limitations or inability to self-care and do not have a degree of reduced working capacity, or to children with permanent disabilities who do not receive help in home care under another law with more than 90% degree of disability. "Home Social Patronage" provides food to 265 consumers. Consumers get food prepared and delivered at home, and can also include a home cleaning service, help with personal hygiene, help with health care needs, etc. Under the "Hot lunch" project, a hot meal is offered to individuals and families receiving monthly benefits; people without income and relatives to take care of them; single people receiving minimum pensions; wandering and homeless. The social service covers 530 users from the city and villages. All the details about the programs were reported by Mrs Diana Doncheva, the Head of Social Activities Department at the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad.

Anyone wishing to use a social service in a home environment can contact the Specialized Center for Complex Services (Vladimir Poptomov Street No. 2). Experts, involved in the project activities, provide information about the operation of all social services. The future user submits an application-form on-site or electronically. He/She can also verbally declare his/her desire for using a social service by phone. The applicant-user declares income, marital status and property status in the application. The specialists at the center conduct a study of the needs of the person wishing to use a social service. They prepare a complex assessment for an appropriate social service within 20 days after the application being submitted.


Last modified: 08:46:56, 28 March 2023

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