The public discussion of the draft of the Plan for Integrated Development of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad for the period 2021-2027 was held yesterday, September 28th. Deputy Mayor Mr. Yasho Minkov, representatives of the company, which has developed the plan, experts from the administration and representatives of the stakeholders took part in the discussion.

The plan is a strategic document, which defines the goals and priorities for management and sustainable development of the municipality in the next 7 years. "The document is comprehensive and will have an impact on various spheres of life in the municipality - economy, education, ecology, social activities, etc. It is still only a draft, open for corrections. We rely on the activity of our citizens to include in the discussion, so that the final version meet the vision of the people for the development of the municipality, they live in" said Mr. Minkov.

During the preparation of the project, the contractor company ‘NAMRB Aktive’ has analyzed the advantages, resources and development potential of the municipality. The plan is also in line with the proposals, received through surveys and focus groups from business, the NGO sector, representatives of those involved in the field of education, health care, social services and sports, community centers, mayors of small settlements, and citizens.

The municipality's vision focuses on the three key pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and natural, and the following strategic goals are defined for its achievement:

Strategic objective 1

Economic development: establishing the municipality of Dimitrovgrad as a significant industrial and market center, supporting the technological transformation of the economy and innovation through intelligent, inclusive and environmentally friendly growth;

Strategic objective 2

Quality of life: improvement of the living environment and provision of quality public services, provided by a competent municipal administration;

Strategic objective 3

Environmental protection and adaptation to climate change: development and modernization of technical infrastructure, sustainable use of resources and balanced territorial development; connectivity and accessibility of the territory;

Measures related to the preservation and development of culture and traditions, sports and youth activities, preservation of ecological sustainability and territorial development are also listed. The priorities are in line with the opportunities for developing relations with other municipalities. The estimated plan of the necessary funds for the implementation of the plan amounts to nearly BGN 300 million, and it is envisaged that they will be provided by the municipal budget, state targeted subsidies, European funding and other sources.

All proposals made during the discussion will be entered into a protocol, attached to the draft version, when it is submitted for a vote by the Municipal Council. Written proposals can be submitted until October 5th, inclusive, at the Center for Administrative Services of the Municipality or by e-mail: [email protected] . The draft version is published on the website of the municipality: obshtina-dimitrovgrad-piro-za-perioda-2021-2027-g .


Last modified: 14:56:39, 29 September 2022