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The upcoming 70th anniversary of Dimitrovgrad is yet another reason to create unique new projects and events that will focus the world's attention on our town.

The main symbols of the institutional identity and the state system are the flag, the anthem and the state emblem. Their affirmation plays an important role in the creation of self-confidence, belonging and inclusion in a given community. If we want to build our joint society with the power of values, we must take care of their expression.

The creation of an anthem of Dimitrovgrad is one of them. The anthem is a broad-scale project that aims at distinguishing symbolically the town as such and through a music work.

By decision 396/29.09.2016 of the City Hall of Dimitrovgrad, a contest for anthem of our town was announced. In this relation, on May 22nd 2017 from 17:30 o’clock in Grossetto Hall I invite you to hear the three proposals selected so far and to express your preference to one of them.

1. "Holy Town" – music by Vania and Angel Angelski, text by Petko Kanevski

2. "Anthem of Dimitrovgrad" – music by Minko Lambov, text by Ana Topalova

3. "Hallo, Dimitrovgrad" – music by Haigashod Agasyan, text by Atanas Kapralov

I shall be glad if you become a part of the selection process for an anthem of Dimitrovgrad!


Yours faithfully,


Mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality


Minutes of the meeting of the committee

Тhe three anthem proposals- download

свали като .pdf