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Municipality of Dimitrovgrad provides an opportunity for young people who have ideas and initiate new projects to get the opportunity to finance them. The Dimitrovgrad Programme of Young People is focused on improving the quality of education, initiative, responsibility and activity through a differentiated care for the personal development of children, students and young people in Dimitrovgrad Municipality.


In this respect, for 2018 a second session for funding proposals is due to take place. The filled in documents shall be submitted from 10.10.2018 until 31.10.2018 at counter 1 in the Municipal Center for Information and Citizens Service in the building of the municipal administration, 15, G.S. Rakovski Blvd.


We look forward to your proposals for funding ideas, initiatives and campaigns!


You will find the required application documentation in the attachments below:


1. Application Form – Annex 1

2. Project budget - Annex 2

3. Evaluation project map of Municipal Programme "Dimitrovgrad of the Young" - Annex 3



Decision No 973 / 31.05.2018 of the Municipal Council Dimitrovgrad - Municipal Programme "Dimitrovgrad of the Young" - 2018

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