The first Center for the elderly with dementia in the Haskovo region will be in Dimitrovgrad

The first Center for the elderly with dementia in the Haskovo region will be in Dimitrovgrad

The base of the first in the Haskovo region “Center for accommodation of family type for elderly people with dementia”, which is located in the former ATZ hospital, is completely renovated and ready. Today, at a closing press conference and a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the results of the activities carried out under the project "Family-type accommodation center for elderly people with dementia" were reported by the mayor Ivo Dimov and the project manager Krassimira Boneva. With financing worth BGN 554,856, which is 100% gratuitous European funding under the Operational Program "Regions in Growth" 2014-2020, the building and the adjacent yard were repaired.

Eng. Krassimira Boneva thanked the contractor for the well done and on time work. The construction and installation work was completed on March 17, when Act 15 was issued. The entire exterior facade of the building and the adjacent yard were repaired. The construction and repair works envisaged the improvement of the energy efficiency by laying external insulation, installation of joinery and repair of the roof. The old wooden windows have been replaced with new PVC on the entire west wing and the entire thermal insulation of the wing has been laid. The roof has been overhauled with heat and waterproofing. Thanks to these activities, the energy efficiency of the building has been improved. The electrical and plumbing installations have been completely replaced and a fire alarm system has been built. Granite flooring and laminate flooring have been replaced. The coatings on the walls have been renewed and suspended ceilings have been installed. The bathrooms have been completely renovated. Equipment and furniture were delivered and installed in the bathrooms and in the adjacent yard, where there are benches and gazebos. A ramp and a staircase were also built under the project in order to achieve an accessible environment for the difficult-to-move residents of the Center. Within the framework of the project, activities have been carried out, with which the building stock and the adjacent yard space have been renovated with new tiles, a fence and places for recreation, the project manager reported. "The implementation of the project has created a healthy, aesthetic and attractive environment for the elderly with dementia in the municipality, where they can feel comfortable," added Eng. Boneva.

The capacity of the center is for 15 people, and for this purpose are completely renovated and separate private rooms with private bathrooms, common dining room and spacious living room for social communication, kitchen and other rooms serving the needs of consumers. The entrance is on the west side of the building, and there is access for people with disabilities. Inside there is a waiting room for relatives and visitors, to which a manipulation and doctor's office has been built. The rooms and the living room are on the south side of the building, and on the north side are the utility rooms and the staff room. The yard is ennobled and turned into a pleasant environment for rest and walks. There are alleys, gazebo, benches.

The mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality expressed his gratitude to the project team and the contractor and recalled the extremely poor condition of the building before the project activities. The building of the former ATZ hospital has not been renovated for almost 56 years, with the exception of several cosmetic repairs over the years.

“The construction of this Center will complement our care for people with physical and mental problems. After the interventions under the project on the first floor we already have sunny and spacious rooms that meet modern requirements for comfort, where elderly people with dementia will feel comfortable living here. What is ahead is the equipment and furnishing of the Center, the funds for which are set in the municipal budget for this year and its transformation into a modern cozy and tailored to the needs of elderly people with dementia home. ", said Dimov and recalled social services provided by the municipality with care for the elderly.

In advance, the mayor said that in mid-June it is expected to submit a project proposal under OP "Human Resources Development" for the construction of a “Center for temporary accommodation for the homeless”, which will be the only one in the Haskovo region. The social service is planned to be housed in the former dormitory of the former Chemical Technical School, a building that was provided to the municipality by the state a few years ago.

In the spirit of the national tradition, the guests of the event were greeted with bread, salt and a flower for health and prosperity. The opening was attended by the Deputy Mayor Mr. Yasho Minkov, the Director of the Directorate "European and National Programs and Projects, Humanitarian Activities" Mrs. Diana Doncheva, experts and citizens.


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