Tighten the measures against COVID-19

Tighten the measures against COVID-19

Tomorrow, July 10, indoor visits to discos, piano bars, night clubs and other similar objects are not allowed. Visits to these sites in the open are allowed with up to 50% of the total capacity of the establishments and in compliance with the introduced anti-epidemic measures.

This is stated in the Order RD-01-393 / 09.07.2020 issued today by the Minister of Health.

Based on the same order, group celebrations with the presence of more than 30 people indoors or outdoors (including weddings, balls, baptisms, etc.) are not allowed.

The Minister of Health also orders all collective and individual sports events of a training and competitive nature, for all age groups, indoors and outdoors, to be held without an audience.

The order also stipulates that ministers and state bodies, according to their functional competence, need to take immediate control measures throughout the country, and efforts should be focused on mandatory implementation and compliance with anti-epidemic measures.

All events should be organized with enhanced control. The regional headquarters, the mayoralties and the regional administrations create the necessary organization for control over the observance of the introduced measures on the territory of the country, and may introduce additional ones taking into account the specifics and data for the distribution of COVID-19 in the settlements.


Last modified: 09:34:33, 13 July 2020

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