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Pursuant to Ordinance No 42 about the symbols, awards and prizes of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, adopted by Decision No 524 / 23.02.2017 and amended by Decision No 607 / 25.05.2017 of the Municipal Council – Dimitrovgrad,





collects proposals for laureates of the Literary Awards Penyo Penev2022



National Literary Prize Penyo Penev:

1. shall be given to Bulgarian artists for high creative achievements and contribution to the development of Bulgarian poetry;

2. Period for awarding - every two years, within the Days of Poetry, which are held on the occasion of the poet's birthday - May 7th.

3. The prize, also may be awarded posthumously.



International Literary Prize Penyo Penev:

1. shall be given to foreign authors for high creative achievements and contribution to the development of world poetry;

2. Period for awarding - every four years, in accordance with the conditions, valid for the national award.

3. The prize may be awarded posthumously, too.



Proposals for laureates could be made by:

1. The Mayor of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad;

2. The Chairperson of the Municipal Council;

3. Public organizations and creative formations;

4. Initiative citizens' committees, with a composition of not less than 30 people, formed by a subscription.

5. NGOs and associations working in the field of culture.

6. Cultural institutions.


Nominations cannot be made by the creators themselves.


The proposals, within 2 typewritten pages, are submitted in the office of the Municipal Administration - Dimitrovgrad, 15 Rakovski Blvd., not later than February 20, 2022. Proposals must be submitted also by post cervice. Proposals, received by e-mail, will not be accepted.


The winners of the National and International Literary Awards will be determined by a 7-member commission, which is appointed by an order of the Mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality. The laureates, which are nominated by the commission, should receive an approval by a decision of the Municipal Council. The official ceremony for awarding the authors should take place in the timeframe of the Poetry Days April 27 - May 7, 2022. The winners will receive a diploma, a plastic souvenir and a cash prize.


About details, please call: 0391/68282.



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