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      The new school year in Dimitrovgrad was opened with completely renewed school yards in six of the biggest schools in the municipality, which were reconstructed for a little more than 6 millions of leva. The project “Major renovation of the buildings and adjacent yards in the educational infrastructure in Municipality of Dimitrovgrad  - Aleko Konstantinov Primary School, Ivan Vazov Mathematical High School, Ivan Bogorov Language School, Vasil Levski Primary School, Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School, Pencho Slaveykov Primary School” was financed under the Operative programme “Regions in growth” 2014-2020, Priority axis 1: “Sustainable and integrated urban development”, Investment priority 5: “Educational infrastructure”, Procedure BG16RFOP001-1.032- Implementation of integrated plans for urban recovery  and development  2014-2020 – Dimitrovgrad, part of the procedure: BG16RFOP001-1.001-039 - „Implementation of integrated plans for urban recovery  and development  2014-2020” № from ISMMF from EU  - BG16RFOP001-1.032-0002-С01. in connection with the implementation of the project proposal № BG16RFOP001-1.032-0002.had  scope of the activities 30 months with the amount of   6 031 000 leva.

In every school have been reconstructed the sanitary units and implemented internal reconstruction works made in accordance with the specific needs of the individual schools, but the accent of the project was on the school yards.  In every school was built multifunctional basketball and volleyball playground, a football playground and athletic running track with minimal length of 60 meters. In Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School, Pencho Slaveykov Primary School and Ivan Bogorov Language School were constructed tennis courts and in the rest three schools Aleko Konstantinov Primary School, Ivan Vazov Mathematical High School and Vasil Levski Primary School playgrounds for table tennis.

Badminton and opened- air fitness are the other sports which found place in the school yards. For the education of the smallest ones and their acquirement with the traffic rules were constructed playgrounds in the Primary Schools.  Beautiful and functioning stands, comfortable for the organization of school competitions are the new decision in five of the school yards. There was renovated and the unique embossed map in Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School and in the yard of the Language School was made a beautiful mini park.  With the renovation of the school yards we created a healthy, esthetic and attractive environment for the kids, reported on the final press conference the project manager – Mrs. Klavdiya Toncheva.

The Mayor of Dimitrovgrad – Mr. Ivo Dimov also participated in the press conference. In these 6 schools are studying more than 70 % of the pupils in Dimitrovgrad which makes them one of the most important schools in the municipality and main units in our educational infrastructure. The modernization of their base with the creation of optimal conditions for sport has turned them in an attractive place for spending leisure time of the kids and the active persons who live close to the schools, reported the social importance of the project, the mayor.

In the school yard of Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School the new 2018/2019 school year was opened with a “Tie Cut” ceremony of the completely reconstructed school yards of the six schools. The Principal of the school expressed his special thanks to the mayor of the municipality for the renewed base under the project. Among the official guests were the District Governor of the Haskovo district Mr. Stanislav Dechev, the Mayor of the municipality Mr. Ivo Dimov, the Head of the Regional Educational Directorate – Haskovo Mrs. Hristina Boeva, city councilors and many citizens.

           The District Governor of the Haskovo district Mr. Stanislav Dechev who was on the opening ceremony of the school yards and the new school year in Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School wished with faith, hope and love the pupils to enter the school. Once again we prove that the education is a priority of the state power with the initiation of innovative education and installation of electronic textbooks, said the District Governor. The Mayor of the municipality expressed thanks to the project team and the principals who worked with love for the renovation of the educational infrastructure of the schools. Instead of traditional cutting ceremony, the mayor gave away to schools balls, rackets and other sports equipment to the pupils. With the untraditional gesture he opened officially the six school yards renovated under the project.


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