Renovated inter-block space and a mobile application were implemented under the international project “MORE ATTRACTIVE” in Dimitrovgrad

Renovated inter-block space and a mobile application were implemented under the international project “MORE ATTRACTIVE” in Dimitrovgrad

A completely renovated new inter-block space in the area of the Central part of the city and a mobile application for useful tourist information were presented today at the final press conference under the project " More Attractive ".

The mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality Mr. Ivo Dimov underlined the importance of the project for enriching the tourist attractiveness of the city and the uniqueness of its central part. He thanked the partners from Uzunköprü Municipality for the successful work and reminded that this partnership has its eight years of relations, with several implemented projects. The project has also created a specialized platform for free tourist information for smart devices using Android> 4.4.2 and IOS> 7. There is a website: , where users can find historical and cultural sites, tourist attractions and events, museums and cultural institutions, railway stations and bus stops, government services and institutions in the both cities. The mobile application "More Attractive" was presented by the project coordinator Mrs. Zhenya Hristova. "The mobile application is free, in English, with the option to be changed to Bulgarian or Turkish language. It is provided administrative access by the employees of the municipality in order to update the information ", said Mrs. Hristova.

"The project is funded by the Interreg-IPA program for cross-border cooperation Bulgaria-Turkey 2014-2020, with the partnership of the Turkish municipality Uzunkopru. The project aims to boost the development of sustainable tourism in Thrace and to build on the comparative advantages and tourist attractiveness in the both municipalities. The value of the Project amounts to EUR 490,314.84, of which the European funding is EUR 416,767.61 and the national co-financing is EUR 73,547.23. The activities in the frame of the project, which will be implemented in Dimitrovgrad, are for 246 thousand euros", said Deputy Mayor Mr. Yasho Minkov.

The press conference was attended by representatives of Uzunköprü Municipality - Ms. Ayşe Belgin and Mr. Hussein Özkan. The mayor of the Turkish municipality, Ms. Özlem Bedjan, also joined online, by an interactive connection. The partners reported on their work and the creation of the “Blue Water Park”, constructed along the river, where people can enjoy the more attractive environment.

After the press conference the participants visited the inter-block space with the performed repair works and improvements. It has been reconstructed and rebuilt as an essential element of the Council of Europe's Cultural Route "ATRIUM". The reconstruction includes: a new paved alley, an open playground for children from 3 to 12 years with a sandbox, a street fitness area with three different multifunctional simulators and table tennis for users over 12 years of age. In the eastern part of the space there is a wooden gazebo, the alleys next to it are built of split stone on a grass joint. There are also new benches and waste bins, as elements of the urban environment. The lighting fixtures have been replaced with energy-saving ones, identical to those of the central pedestrian zone. A modern system for video surveillance has also been built. New ornamental vegetation has been planted in suitable places to enrich the green spaces with an automatic irrigation system. On the spot, the mayor Mr. Dimov demonstrated how with a phone the visitors can use the available tourist information from the mobile application, using the elaborated QR code.

The Deputy Governor of Haskovo District Mr. Mitko Petrov, who also participated in the meetings, congratulated the two municipalities for the good cooperation. He appreciated their work as an excellent example of improving the urban environment.

Last modified: 13:39:54, 22 January 2021