The Municipality of Dimitrovgrad has announced a landscaping competition for the inter-block spaces

The Municipality of Dimitrovgrad has announced a landscaping competition for the inter-block spaces

The Municipality of Dimitrovgrad announces a competition for recruiting projects for landscaping and improvement of inter-block spaces and gardens, elaborated by the citizens. The initiative has been done for 10 years, financed by the municipality with a budget up to BGN 5,000 for each approved project. The deadline for submission of the project proposals is 15.09.2020. The approved ones will be announced within 10-days term. The aim of the competition is to improve the urban environment of the inter-block spaces, involving the citizens in its protection. The proposed projects must meet the following requirements: to improve the quality of life and living environment and to increase the attractiveness of the city. A condition for participation is the citizens to be registered under the Condominium Management Act.

Required application documents are:

1. Form for participation with

1. quantity-value account

The project proposal must include:

• Detailed description of the project activities;

• Value account of the activities envisaged in the project

• Scheme / drawing of the inter-block space with marked places for intervention (places for afforestation, location of children's facilities, etc.)

• Photographic material of the existing situation

The project activities that will be funded may include landscaping, cleaning and restoration of unsupported terrains, creation of recreation areas in inter-block spaces, installation of gazebos, benches, waste bins, children's facilities, sports facilities and other kinds of park furniture. Ineligible for financing activities are: replacement of pavements around residential buildings, construction of parking lots, etc.

The completed forms for participation and the project proposals should be submitted to the following address: Dimitrovgrad Municipality, post code 6400, 15 G.S.Rakovski Blvd., or personally at Information Desk No1, in an envelope, titled “Competition for comfortable city environment 2019”. The evaluation is performed by a commission appointed by an order of the Mayor. The best project proposals will be financed by the Municipality in the amount of up to BGN 5,000 for each project. After the completion, approval and reporting of the project activities with the necessary documents, the funds will be provided to the house managers.

Criteria for evaluation and ranking of the projects:

1. Number of users

 - up to 20 people - 2 points

 - 20 - 40 people - 5 points

 - over 40 people - 10 points


2. Co-financing (participation with own funds)

- 1% -10% of the value of the estimated costs - 2 points

- 10% - 20% of the value of the estimated costs - 5 points

- over 20% of the estimated costs - 10 points


3. Sustainability of the project:

- high - 10 points

- average - 5 points

- low - 2 points


4. Appropriate location

- permissible distance from residential buildings - 5 points

- permissible distance from main boulevards - 5 points

-inappropriate location - 0 points


For additional information - tel. 68 271

Department “Investment, Environment and Water”, Dimitrovgrad Municipality.


Last modified: 15:56:14, 22 July 2020

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