An international forum, under the FARO project, was opened by the mayor of Dimitrovgrad municipality. Within two days, participants and guests from six European countries - Slovenia, Italy, Albania, Romania, Poland and Serbia, will discuss the controversial heritage in European cities by creating a European narrative about disputed identities through the participation of citizens. The newly elected President of the ATRIUM Association - Professor Tramonti takes part in the event. The previous one - Professor Patrick Leach, the deputy mayor and vice president of the ATRIUM Association Yasho Minkov, the chairperson of the Municipal Council Gergana Krasteva and experts from the involved cities also had their presentations over the theme. Dimitrovgrad Municipality is a leading partner in the project. The Mayor Dimov welcomed the participants in the workshop and emphasized the key role of the ATRIUM cultural route, as a permanent network in which municipalities generate ideas for new activities, receiving support to improve local activities related to culture and management of controversial heritage. Ivo Dimov claimed that the FARO project provides an opportunity to discuss and compare local political practices in an international aspect.


"This heritage is not easy to be managed, especially at the local level. Material heritage involving politically sensitive issues requires careful analysis of how it can be interpreted or identified. There is a constant risk that it will be misunderstood or simply clothed in historical revanchism. The controversial cultural-historical memory is painful for modern European heritage and is everything on which the European Union is built. It cannot be hidden, destroyed, manipulated or celebrated. As a local administration, we try to encourage our citizens to actively participate in its interpretation, management and promotion, although this is not an easy task. That is why, projects like FARO are an excellent opportunity to share ideas, views and good practices," said the mayor to the forum participants.


In the agenda of the event, it is planned the next activities: walking in the Central part of the city of Dimitrovgrad, which is part of the ATRIUM cultural route to the Council of Europe; a visit to the Historical Museum, with a focus over the Retro apartment, and some other objects, interesting to the participants.



Last modified: 15:05:15, 29 September 2022