The Mayor of Dimitrovgrad and Deputy Chairman of NAMRB participated in a meeting with the Minister of Regional Development, Mr. Ivan Shishmanov. The role of municipalities in the implementation of the procedure for energy efficiency of multi -family residential buildings, which will be financed by the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, was discussed at a working meeting between the leadership of the Board of NAMRB and the team of the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. The application guidelines for the procedure "Support for sustainable energy renovation of the residential building stock - stage 1" will be published for public discussion at the end of the week. The management of the association is committed to prepare detailed proposals and notes about the program indicators. The mayors insist on finding permanent solutions for the imposed financial corrections on the energy efficiency projects of residential and public buildings owned by the state, as well as to take into account the current rate of inflation.

The role of the owners' associations will be significant, but the main driver, it is expected, to be the municipalities. The representatives of the management of NAMRB in the meeting were: Mr. Daniel Panov – the chairman of the board and a mayor of Veliko Tarnovo; the two vice-chairpersons of the board – Mrs. Donka Mihailova – a mayor of Troyan and Mr. Ivo Dimov – a mayor of Dimitrovgrad; Mr. Radoslav Revanski - a mayor of Belica and a member of the board; and the executive director of the Association – Mrs. Silvia Georgieva. They all drew attention to the main risks in the process of energy renovation of multi -family residential buildings. Opinions about energy efficiency procedures, financed under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan - for public buildings have already been published on the Association's website: , and for commercial buildings:

Proposals, submitted by the end of March 2023, will receive 100% grants for implementing energy efficiency measures. Projects submitted after March, will be able to count on 80% funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The approval of the guidelines and the opening of the application procedure is scheduled for November 2022. The regional information centers will be the main contact points for citizens about the program.

Soon, NAMRB and MRDPW will discuss details for presenting the program to the municipal administrations and familiarization with all the requirements for its implementation.

Last modified: 15:08:31, 29 September 2022