Two public discussions, about the municipal hospital and Maritza Park, were held in Grosseto Hall

Two public discussions, about the municipal hospital and Maritza Park, were held in Grosseto Hall

Two public discussions took place in the Grosseto Hall last night, attended by citizens, municipal councilors and media representatives. Shortly after 5 p.m., the discussion for extension of the term of the issued municipal guarantee of MHAT "St. Ekaterina" has started. The mayor of Dimitrovgrad Municipality Mr. Ivo Dimov and the chief financial expert  Mrs. Galya Delcheva presented the conditions and financial parameters for the assumption of the debt for the hospital, which is postponed by six months. The discussion is held on the grounds of Art. 42 of the Municipal Debt Act and in accordance with the Ordinance for conducting a public discussion for assuming municipal debt. Extension of the issued municipal guarantee to guarantee the obligations of MHAT "St. Ekaterina" EOOD - Dimitrovgrad under a bank loan agreement dated 05.07.2016, concluded between the company and "Eurobank Bulgaria" AD was discussed. In connection with the state of emergency, the banks have given a six-month deferral for deferral of debts, a term that the municipality takes advantage of and due to the commitment of the loan to the municipal guarantee, this implies today's discussion and vote by the Municipal Council.

The second planned discussion for taking on a long-term municipal debt of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad for the improvement of Maritza Park aroused greater interest among those present. It is in accordance with Art. 15, para. 1 of the Municipal Debt Act and the Ordinance for conducting a public discussion for assuming municipal debt by the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad. Assumption of long-term municipal debt in the form of a loan financed under Art. 19a of the Municipal Debt Act, of the Fund for Local Self-Government Bodies - FLAG, commented the mayor Ivo Dimov with the participants in the hall. The need for the long-term loan is due to the financial participation as co-financing by the municipality under the project "Improvement and reconstruction of Maritsa Park, Dimitrovgrad"; funded under the Operational Program " Regions in Growth" 2014-2020, Priority Axis 1 "Sustainable and integrated urban development", Procedure № BG16RFOP001-1.032 "Implementation of integrated plans for urban regeneration and development 2014-2020 - Dimitrovgrad". The total value of the project is BGN 3,130,000, of which BGN 1,575,966.70. are a grant, representing 50.35% of the project value and BGN 1,554,033.30 own participation of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, representing 49.65% of the project value. The negotiation of the interest rate with the fund is at maximum values up to 4.083% for a repayment period of up to 80 months from the date of concluding the loan agreement with the possibility of early repayment in full or in parts, without early repayment fee.

Maritsa Park is one of the important sites for the city, part of a cultural route to the Council of Europe and a favorite place for recreation of citizens. The project will contribute to the renewal of the technical infrastructure, ensuring accessibility, attractiveness, supporting sustainable growth, social inclusion and a higher quality of life, including an environmentally friendly environment. It is planned to lay dense asphalt concrete 50,000.00 m2 on existing alleys, vibro-pressed pavers on the entrance area of 1,800.00 m2; construction of playgrounds, rotunda, fitness, skateboard playground, adventure corner, new benches with backrests and complete renovation of the lighting in the park with construction of park LED lighting of the entire alley network, said the mayor. The municipal councilor Mr. Martin Kolev wanted to know more about whether there is a place for the campers, who held their fair in Dimitrovgrad every year, asphalting of a bypass street around the dike, as well as whether this is the interest rate set for the loan agreement. Mayor Ivo Dimov explained that all contracts of the municipality are at 2.5% agreed interest rate and the expectations and intentions are now to be agreed and that no asphalting of the terraces of the dam, which are public property. For the campers the conditions will become even better because they are located on the existing alley network in the central part of the park, which will be completely renovated according to the project. The mayor said that since yesterday the Kennel Center has been leased to a company after a announced procedure, which is expected to revive the park with exhibitions and events.


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