At a solemn ceremony on the occasion of May 24th, Dimitrovgrad Municipality honored its most outstanding teachers, cultural figures and students. On the Day of Slavic alphabet, the city management traditionally presents the highest awards in the field of education and culture. The mayor of the municipality and the chairperson of the municipal council presented the highest education & culture awards. They gave warm welcoming words on the occasion of the holiday.

"May 24th is a symbol of our aspiration to have knowledge through science, education and culture that fills us with national pride and self-confidence. On this day, we pay respect and bow before the great work of the Holy brothers Cyril and Methodius and all their followers. On this day, all Bulgarians, wherever they are, unite around language, writing and knowledge, because "spirituality does not fall where knowledge lives”. Knowledge remains through the centuries thanks to the people who create identity and bring up patriotically generations among us. People like you related to education, culture, science and art - a deep bow before you for your professionalism and your desire to preserve the Bulgarian language and spirituality. Continue with the same enthusiasm to build the foundations of Bulgarian spirit", Mayor Dimov said in his speech.

The chairperson of the Municipal Council, Mrs Gergana Krasteva, also congratulated those present in the square on the occasion of the holiday.

Winners of the municipal awards "Teacher of the Year" in the field of education:

Tanya Kaneva - "Preschool and Primary Education" department.


Tatiana Kusheva - "Natural and mathematical sciences" department.


Kaloyan Dobrev - "Humanitarian sciences" department.


Lushka Toneva - "Art" department.


Maria Milkova - "Overall contribution to the development of education and the prestige of the Municipality with a long-lasting character", who refused to receive her award.


The special award of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad "Cultural Worker" 2023 was given to Irina Kostadinova - a creator in the field of dance art with long experience in the field of community centers as a chairperson of CC "Hristo Botev - 1902" Dimitrovgrad.


Two senior students were also awarded by the mayor with certificates for achieving high educational success, raising the authority of the school and the municipality - Teodor Kazakov and Kaloyan Pavlov.

The celebration of the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture, and of Slavic literature began with a Procession of the schools, students and citizens, led by the Wind Orchestra Dimitrovgrad and children from Dance Center Galaxico. The festive procession passed along the central pedestrian alley and headed to the stage at Bulgaria square. Majorette group from Slaveykov Primary School lifted the spirits of citizens. The official ceremony began with the holiday hymn in a joint performance by the choir Slaveykovtsi and the wind orchestra. First graders - Daria Plamenova and Plamen Kolev from Aleko Konstantinov Primary School, greeted the gathered crowd with a poetry recital. The mayor of the municipality and the chairman of the municipal council presented plaques, certificates and cash prizes to the awarded teachers and cultural figures.


Schools in the municipality of Dimitrovgrad:


Vasil Levski Primary School, Yablkovo village - the oldest school in Dimitrovgrad Municipality, established in 1839.

Dimitar Matevski Primary School, Merichleri, with its 184-year history!

United School St. St. Cyril and Methodius, Chernokonevo District, with its 154-year history.

Hristo Smirnenski Primary School, the village of Radievo.

Hristo Botev Primary School, Krepost village. The school has a rich 143-year history. Today, we are proud that from the classrooms of the "Hristo Botev" Elementary School, many successful and talented creators of Bulgarian culture, respected and valued in society, have left.

Peyo Yavorov Primary School, Iztok District, was established on October 20th, 1950.

Vasil Levski Primary School was founded in 1961.


Aleko Konstantinov Primary School is one of the leading primary schools in Dimitrovgrad municipality with its modern STEM center and modern digital classrooms.

Pencho Slaveykov Primary School is a modern educational institution with a 113-year history with a badge of honor of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for significant contribution to the cultural, educational and public life.

Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School is among the leading schools in the district with its 65-year history, combining pedagogical traditions with a modern vision of education.

Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov Professional High School trains 250 students in 10 specialties and professions in the STEM direction.

Profiled Language High School "Dr. Ivan Bogorov" has successfully realized its mission in its 30-year history - to educate young people for the challenges of the global world, combining foreign languages and traditions.

Ivan Vazov Science and Mathematics High School - a 79-year-old educational institution in the heart of Dimitrovgrad, which prepares the most successful students for national and international competitions.





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