Municipal Children's Wind (Brass) Orchestra

Municipal Children's Wind (Brass) Orchestra to the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad is established with Decision No. 302 of 31.05.2012 of the Municipal Council - Dimitrovgrad. The Director of the Orchestra is Krasimir Chanov. It was established with the aim to enrich the cultural life of the city, as well as to introduce the adolescents to the basic musical concepts, to bring up the musical culture and to popularize the art of performance. It allows students from the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad to play a wind (brass) musical instrument, and the highly qualified tutors help children to develop an artistic taste and to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of music. The building of a cultural and musical educated person is complex and long process associated with: love and understanding of music; with the development of the abilities and character; with the absorption of knowledge, with which have undertaken the music teachers who teach the children in the orchestra.

Formed are groups of flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion instruments and trumpet. In the groups are trained a total of 30 students from 1st to 12th grade. The activities are group classes and they are held in a convenient for the children time during the school year, as for this was purchased new professional instruments. Unique is the opportunity of the children from Children's Wind (Brass) Orchestra to gain direct practical experience from their work with a professional musical formation, as it is the Amusing-Wind (Brass) Orchestra - Dimitrovgrad and there to continue their career as professional musicians.

Along with the learning process, children from the Municipal Children's Wind (Brass) Orchestra have the opportunity to participate in various public events organized at regional and municipal level. The first appearance of the orchestra was on the occasion of 24 May 2014, when together with Amusing-Wind (Brass) Orchestra participated in the citywide celebration of Slavonic Literature and Culture.

The classes of the Municipal Children's Wind (Brass) Orchestra are conducted in the building of the Secondary School "Vasil Levski" - Dimitrovgrad.


Acoustic jazz trio – Dimitrovgrad



• Dimitar Rusev - guitar
• Mitya Yordanov - piano
• Petar Ganev - percussion
• Mariya Arnaudova - vocal

Acoustic jazz trio was formed in 1986 to the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad with members - Mitya Yordanov - piano, Nayden Klinchev - contrabass and Petar Ganev - drums. By 1987 it is employed by the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad. The band has been a guest of jazz meetings in Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Varna, Bansko, Haskovo, Sopot. It was awarded with the award "Assen Ovcharov" in the jazz meeting of 1989 in Sopot. The band has performed in Germany and Greece. It makes recordings in radio "Sofia", radio "Stara Zagora", as well as in the Bulgarian National Television (BNT).

With vocalist Mariya Arnaudova the trio recorded its first independent album "Gershuin Songs" in 1996. Their repertoire combines jazz standards and original compositions. The performers touch the wealth of this music in a delicate and classic way, using the magical sound of the chamber jazz trio with soloist.

Since 2009 the Acoustic jazz trio is the initiator of Youth Jazz Festival, which is being implemented in the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad. The trio organizes educational concerts in schools and kindergartens, targeting the young people of the Municipality.



Dimitrovgrad 6400
No.7 "St. Kliment Ohridski" str., fl.1 

Amusing-Wind (Brass) Orchestra - Dimitrovgrad

The Amusing-Wind (Brass) Orchestra - Dimitrovgrad is a musical - performing Institute with professional concert members, carrier of the cultural tradition of Dimitrovgrad and the region, and which:

  • Establishes the municipal policy in the field of culture and youth activities;

  • Creates, distributes and preserves the cultural values and provides associated services by participating in the popularization of the best of the Bulgarian and international music and performing arts;

  • Develops extracurricular forms of education in the field of culture by carrying out specialized programs for musical and artistic education of children and youth;

  • Participates by protocol in national, official, municipal holidays and orders for concerts and military rituals; 

  • Participates and organizes national and international reviews and festivals.

  • Combines professional and amateur art in various modern forms of expression in the overall diversity of the cultural spectrum.

The Amusing-Wind (Brass) Orchestra – Dimitrovgrad was founded in 1951 as the first provincial Wind (Brass) Orchestra by decision of the City Leadership. The first official concert was held on 22 June 1951 in the hall of the theater. The program includes six compositions, including two classic - the overture to the opera "Nabucco" by Verdi and "Hungarian Dance" by Brahms. Gradually the repertoire of the orchestra is enriched with works by Glinka, Rossini, Bizet, and Bulgarian composers. The first conductor of the orchestra is Dimitar Filipov. In the spirit of his time most of the performances of the young formation are within the mass public events. The composition is developing successfully in under the longstanding direction of conductor Boris Chernev. More than half a century the orchestra leaves a tangible trace in the cultural life of the new town and fits firmly into its traditions.

The activity of the Amusing-Wind (Brass) Orchestra takes place in three areas: civil ceremonies, concerts of citizenship and educational concerts. The Civil and ceremonial events are with a traditional repertoire, but for the concerts it is necessary to reconsider the old repertoire, as in recent years it has been replaced entirely. Currently the orchestra supports over 100 repertoire compositions and plays.

Since 1997, in a period of seven years to the orchestra works the composer Jules Levy, who orchestrated and wrote over 60 new works for the composition. For his level eloquently speak the names of soloists prof. Petko Radev, prof. Georgi Zhelyazov, prof. Marin Valchanov, prof. Vladislav Grigorov, Vidin Daskalov, Aneliya Shumanova, Edelina Kaneva and these are just some of the musicians, who have made concerts with the Wind (Bass) Orchestra of Dimitrovgrad. 

Today, thanks to the cultural policy of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, The Amusing-Wind (Brass) Orchestra continues to develop and be acknowledged benchmark for modern orchestra. In 2009 it is hosting the 7 national holidays of wind (brass) orchestras on the occasion of 130 years wind (brass) orchestras in Bulgaria.

Conductor of the orchestra since 1991 is Dotso Vatkov. 


Dimitrovgrad 6400
No.7 "St. Kliment Ohridski" str., fl.1 


Representative community choir - Dimitrovgrad is formed in October 2012 with Director Emiliya Todorova. In the choir are participating choristers over 16 years of age. Since its creation, the choir actively participates in the cultural life of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad with its performances on the occasion of celebrations of the city and the celebrations of national holidays and community events.

Dimitrovgrad 6400
No.7 "St. Kliment Ohridski" str., fl.1 
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