The Municipal Theatre "Apostol Karamitev" - Dimitrovgrad is a cultural institution with 60 years of history. It was created in 1953 by Decree of the State Council of Bulgaria. It is the only state theater in not a regional town. The first director, the Plovdiv filmmaker Sasho Simov, a man of inexhaustible creative vitality, managed to form a troupe and to begin working. The first premiere is of the Vazov’s “Sluzhbogontsi” (“Careerists”). Precisely then it is set the basis for the development of professional theater art in the city.

The artists who leave part of themselves to Dimitrovgrad theater scene will forever remain big names in the history of Bulgarian theater: the filmmakers Asen Shopov, Sasho Simov, Krastyu Doynov, Ivan Dobchev, Margarita Mladenova, Vazkresiya Viharova, Bina Haralampieva, Nevena Miteva, Vladimir Petkov, Nedyalko Delchev, Yavor Gardev, Valeriya Valcheva, the dramatists Ivan Rusev, Zlati Terziev / in different periods and directors of theater /, Svetoslav Ovcharov, the scenographers architect Angel Ahryanov, Vyacheslav Parapanov, Petar Mitev, Ilko Grancharov, Nikola Toromanov, the actors Itshak Fintsi, Nina Stamova, Iliya Raev, Mimoza Bazova, Margarita Duparinova, Vasil Mihaylov, Stoyan Gadev, Nikola Todev, Zlatina Todeva, hristo Rukov, Georgi Svinarov, Mihail Mutafov, Dafina Danailova, Veselin Tsanev, Mariana Krumova, Tsvetana Maneva, Pepa Svinarova, Marchela Hristova, Nikola Boev, Aleksandar Doynov, Ivan Savov, Krasimir Dokov, Teodor Elmazov, Plamen Peev, Ivan Panev, Viktor Boychev.
The Theater of Dimitrovgrad passes through periods of difficulties and bloom, as in 1964 it was closed and the building remained as a second stage for the Theatre of Haskovo. In 1972 is again restored as a State Drama Theatre, in 1994 is transformed into an open State Theater Stage "Apostol Karamitev" – Dimitrovgrad. Since 2011 with a decree was turned into the Municipal Drama Theatre "Apostol Karamitev" – Dimitrovgrad

In 2006, the Drama Theater "Apostol Karamitev" established an Award “Lyubimets 13” ("Favourite 13") - a bow to the patron of the theater, the great Bulgarian actor Apostol Karamitev. It was unique in that it is the only Award that is given by the audience of her favorite. Seven ( 7 ) are its carriers - the actors Valentin Tanev, Ivaylo Hristov, Kamen Donev, Hristo Mutafchiev, Asen Blatechki, Kalin Vrachanski, and Gerasim Georgiev- Gero.

In 2013 the team of the theatre created a Festival of acting. Prize "Legend of the Bulgarian theater" was awarded to the great Tatyana Lolova, prize "Person of the Dimitrovgrad Theatre" was awarded to Pepa Svinarova and posthumously to her husband Georgi Svinarov

In 2013 the theater celebrates four very important for its history dates: 60 years of professional theater in Dimitrovgrad, 90 years since the birth to Apostle Karamitev, 40 years since the death to Apostle Karamitev, 40 years since the theater was given the name of the great Bulgarian actor Apostol Karamitev. In 2014 east of the theater building was opened a monument of the great Bulgarian actor, named after the theater.



Dimitrovgrad 6400
No.13 “Dimitar Blagoev” blvd.

Telephone: 039 166 336


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