The City Art Gallery "Petko Churchuliev” exists as art collection from 1962. In essence, it is an art museum that holds more than 2,250 works by nearly 400 artists. Differentiated are the sections: Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Contemporary Art and Theatre poster. Together with the works of prominent Bulgarian artists, in its collection have found place works of artists, who have associated their career with Dimitrovgrad.
The Gallery possesses: 

  • considerable collection of stage posters of local and foreign artists;

  • paintings by the participants in the Outdoor Paintings;

  • works from the Symposium of Contemporary Art "in its own context` Dimitrovgrad" and from the program "Names of the 90s";

  • the work of the world famous artist Hristo Yavashev (Kristo).

The gallery is the only one in the country in which is stored an exponent of the first conceptual exhibition in Bulgaria «Sandache - kartoteka`88» (“Case – card index 88”) by Nedko Solakov.
It attracts the admirers of visual art. Annually, in its halls are arranged 10 to 12 exhibitions. Exposures of the gallery fund and those of visiting art museums are alternated with exhibitions of contemporary artists, presented individually or collectively; presented are books and meetings with their authors, executed are film screenings, concerts and forms of Work Shop.

Working hours:
Tuesday - Saturday from 9.30 to 18.00

Dimitrovgrad 6400
No.7, “D. Blagoev” blvd.
Telephone: 0391/ 6 45 02


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