The City Library "Penyo Penev" was opened on July 12, 1953. Initially, for a basis for her book fund served 5,000 volumes of books received as donations from libraries, businesses, public organizations and citizens, not only of the city, but also throughout the country. From the reports of the library for the first years, it is clear that the library is "a center of lively exchange of books and cultural and educational work with young people - the most numerous inhabitants of the city”.

To extend its activities, on 20 November 1957, the library opened a branch in sq. "Vasil Kolarov", it also supports mobile libraries to businesses and active book - carriers. It begins current and regular supplying of books, periodicals, graphics, music and more types of publications. The City Library is searching, storing and disposing for use research information. It becomes an archive for the local periodicals. All this is an indication of its continuous recognition as a leading educational institution.

In 1969 the City Library is moved to a new, specially build for this purpose, building and thus becomes possible the differentiated service of the readers.

In 1994 is opened and functions a summer reading room in the courtyard of the library, which provides very good conditions for reading and relaxation.
The 1999 marks the beginning of automation of the library processes in the library with one computer for the processing of newly added literature. At present, all library processes are automated. Established is an automated library network with 11 workstations and 13 user computers for readers. Installed is INTERNET with unlimited access. Created are databases of books, articles, periodicals, printed music, graphic publications and electronic media. The Fund owns 218,000 library units.

The Library participates in national and international library projects. It is one of the 18 libraries included in the ABLE project - American-Bulgarian project for the exchange of library experience, sponsored by the Department of the United States. Under the program "Global Libraries - Bulgaria" of foundation "Bill and Melinda Gates” the cultural institution receives 12 computer configurations for library users.
       The library organizes cultural events with a specific public response. It is traditional the participation in the organization of "The Dimitrovgrad days of poetry" - issue of bibliographic references to the holder of the National Literary Award "Penyo Penev" and of the International Literary Award in the name of the poet, hosting meeting of the laureates with citizens and visitors of the city. All important dates and events in the public life of the city and the country are highlighted with organizing of exhibitions, meetings with prominent artists of science and culture, presentation of new books by local authors and writers of national importance. It is worked in cooperation with schools, other cultural institutions in the city and local communities.

The library is a collective member of Bulgarian Library and Information Association.

With all its work, the City Library "Penyo Penev" - Dimitrovgrad proves its position - of a modern, public, information and cultural center.


  • Acquisition, storage and organization of library funds - books, periodicals, graphic, printed music and sound recordings in Bulgarian and foreign languages.

  • Distribution of book and non-book carriers of information to meet the needs of the readers.

  • Reference - bibliographic and information services.

  • Searching, storage and provision for use of research information. Archive of the local periodicals.

  • Publishing activities.

  • Automation of library activities.

  • Participation in programs and projects conducted and funded by various national and international organizations and foundations.

  • Creating optimal conditions for the provision of library services to people with disabilities, students and disadvantaged citizens. Built is an approach for free access.



MONDAY — FRIDAY:   8:30—12:00 
                                               13:00 – 18:00
SATURDAY:   8:30—12:30
Director: Petko Kanevski

No.7, “St. Kliment Ohridski” str.
Telephone. : 0391/ 6 04 35 – director; 6 69 56 – service
e-mail :


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