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House-Museum "Penyo Penev" in Dimitrovgrad is an act of gratitude love and appreciation for one of the most dramatic and provocative personalities in Bulgarian poetry of the 50s of the twentieth century - Penyo Penev. The museum keeps the memory of him, tells his story, and popularizes his verses.   In 1964 to the "Museum of socialist construction" in Dimitrovgrad is opened an exhibition "Penyo Penev" which grew into a permanent exhibition. Since 1970 it is moved on No.9, “D.Blagoev” blvd., in the house where the poet lived. In 1980 the exhibition was renamed to e House-Museum "Penyo Penev" – Dimitrovgrad.

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Historical Museum - Dimitrovgrad is a cultural and scientific institute, established in 1951. It is the first in Bulgaria Museum of Contemporary History. The profile of the museum is general history and has the following departments: 




  • ART- ART GALLERY “P. Churchuliev ”


Today in the Museum can be seen artifacts from the Neolithic period to modern times, located in four exhibition halls.

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The City Art Gallery "Petko Churchuliev” exists as art collection from 1962. In essence, it is an art museum that holds more than 2,250 works by nearly 400 artists. Differentiated are the sections: Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Contemporary Art and Theatre poster. Together with the works of prominent Bulgarian artists, in its collection have found place works of artists, who have associated their career with Dimitrovgrad.
The Gallery possesses: 

  • considerable collection of stage posters of local and foreign artists;

  • paintings by the participants in the Outdoor Paintings;

  • works from the Symposium of Contemporary Art "in its own context` Dimitrovgrad" and from the program "Names of the 90s";

  • the work of the world famous artist Hristo Yavashev (Kristo).

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The City Library "Penyo Penev" was opened on July 12, 1953. Initially, for a basis for her book fund served 5,000 volumes of books received as donations from libraries, businesses, public organizations and citizens, not only of the city, but also throughout the country. From the reports of the library for the first years, it is clear that the library is "a center of lively exchange of books and cultural and educational work with young people - the most numerous inhabitants of the city”.

To extend its activities, on 20 November 1957, the library opened a branch in sq. "Vasil Kolarov", it also supports mobile libraries to businesses and active book - carriers. It begins current and regular supplying of books, periodicals, graphics, music and more types of publications. The City Library is searching, storing and disposing for use research information. It becomes an archive for the local periodicals. All this is an indication of its continuous recognition as a leading educational institution. 

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The Municipal Theatre "Apostol Karamitev" - Dimitrovgrad is a cultural institution with 60 years of history. It was created in 1953 by Decree of the State Council of Bulgaria. It is the only state theater in not a regional town. The first director, the Plovdiv filmmaker Sasho Simov, a man of inexhaustible creative vitality, managed to form a troupe and to begin working. The first premiere is of the Vazov’s “Sluzhbogontsi” (“Careerists”). Precisely then it is set the basis for the development of professional theater art in the city.

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