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The „Doing Business Together“ Project is financed by Erasmus+ Programme, The Agency for Mobility and EU programmes. Leading Partner is the Municipality of Kutina, Croatia.

The main objective of the project is active teaching methods, educational workshops for primary school students and their teachers to encourage the introduction of entrepreneurship in the educational system.

Target groups: primary school students and active persons in youth education.

Expected results:

Established cooperation between local governments. Trained teachers for workshops on entrepreneurship and developed entrepreneurial competences of teachers. Developed digital skills and entrepreneurial competencies of students acquired through non-formal learning. Introduced entrepreneurship in primary education (curriculum).

In April 2016 the education "Train the trainer" took place in Kutina- professional training of fifteen teachers: three teachers from Primary School Vladimir Vidrić, Kutina, eight teachers from School Lyuben Karavelov and four teachers from Primary School Aleko Konstantinov, Dimitrovgrad, on the practical application based on the Manual. Teachers acquired digital skills in entrepreneurship and raised entrepreneurial competences in the practice of establishing Mini incubator student unions. Teachers became capable of transferring knowledge to students and working together.




In February 19-25th 2017 the activity “Establishment of Mini Incubator for Student’s Cooperatives”, blended mobility of school learners, took place in Kutina (five students and three teachers from Primary School Vladimira Vidrića Kutina, ten students and two teachers from School Lyuben Karavelov and five students and one teacher from Primary School Aleko Konstantinov, Dimitrovgrad).




A result of the trainings and analyses and a main deliverable of the project is the issuance and the translation of the Manual– Curriculum Student Cooperatives. It is available at project web page since January 2017.



In April 23-29th 2017 in Dimitrovgrad the activity “Work Camp” was organised by Dimitrovgrad Municipality and ME “CYC” for three teachers and five students from Kutina and ten students and eight teachers from Dimitrovgrad’s partner schools. It comprised of physical and virtual mobilities, Manual entrepreneurship and gained knowledge application, and IT tools (web pages, еTwinning, web shops), workshops.

In June 2017 an analysis of current situation in city administration in Dimitrovgrad and Kutina on the impact and opportunities of the local policy on introduction of entrepreneurship in primary schools is to take place.

The completion of the project is planned for September 2017 and will be noted by a final conference.



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